What is GeekOS DAW?

This project was created to help users configure openSUSE Leap as a Digital Audio Workstation.

The repositories were created with this purpose: to allow you to configure openSUSE as a professional Workstation in just a few clicks.

It’s as simple as installing our pattern – your machine will be automatically configured and you will have a ready setup to start working on your music.

In addition, you will find in the YaST (Yet Another Setup Tool) package manager our "Geekos Daw" pattern, which includes other software and plugins to expand your music-making environment.



Start now your musical adventure on GNU/Linux with openSUSE Leap – just keep reading from your Leap installation and follow these 3 simple steps. (If you haven’t downloaded and installed the distribution, click here)

  1. Go to YaST > Security and Users > User and Group Management add your username to the audio group. It’s as easy as clicking on your username and then on Edit, selecting the Details tab and then checking the audio group from the Additional Groups list.

  2. From Firefox (which is already preinstalled), click on the button below and then, software and plugin installation and system configuration will start automatically; confirming every step will be enough to get through the whole installation process.
  3. Log out from your session and then log back in (or alternatively, reboot your system), and you will be ready for your own music!



Translation By Fabio Pesari